Grouse Creek Flies - Custom Fishing Flies Hand Tied in the USA
Green Hornet
The Small Shop's Friend
Own a small shop or campground and would like to carry a few flies for your customers?  Don't want to or can't afford to carry a large stock or buy minimum amount of merchandise?  Grouse Creek Flies is your answer.  No minimums, free shipping and you decide which fly you want from one dozen to 100.
(Shop owners contact us for wholesale pricing)

Fickle Fishermen

Whether they are wading the streams of the Rockies,  Smokies, or chasing trout in the Ozarks every  fisherman has that go-to fly that he has fallen in love with.  However,  when he runs out,  it can be hard to find at times.  The local shops may only be  loaded with the latest creations from the Orient.  Grouse Creek Flies is dedicated to fixing that dilemma. You can get the fly you want, tied the way you want, in any quantity, with just an e-mail, call or  write. 

 Visit the rest of the site  for informationon how to get custom flies and try some of the flies  that have been tied for other anglers and are offered for sale.

Supporting our vets and service personnel.Supporting our vets and service personnel. Supporting Our Service Men & Women

Working to help our disabled Vets get more out of life.Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation  of disabled active personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including outings.
 Because of its mission and  being a Vietnam Veteran, Grouse Creek Flies is proud to be associated with the project. 
   Grouse Creek Flies will donate a portion of its profit from each dozen of flies sold to PHWFF and encourages others to also donate in any manner they can.

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